Cartoonize yourself

Using one’s image as an avatar is becoming dull and common. Avatar maker is revolutionizing this by providing its users with the opportunity to cartoonify themselves without having to learn complicated computer programs. The cartoon character creator has a wide variety of anime character avatars one can create to satisfy the needs of their many clients.

How It Works

Avatar Maker website runs on a complicated software design to produce anime avatars. The process is divided into two broad categories: male and female. Each avatar will be created within the limits of these gender groups. Choosing the sex of the avatar to be created is the first step towards a personalized anime image.

Once a user has selected his or her gender, he or she is provided with options on how to customize the cartoon avatar’s face and head. The first option is the skin tone color. From the color wheel, one can pick the exact skin tone he or she needs. For adventurous individuals, there are also red, green or purple skin tones. Te user is also provided with different types of mouth and noses to select. Moreover, the seven realistic ear shapes options given to the users provide further customization.

The cartoon character creator also provides its users with realistic and anime shaped eyes to pick. These options are integrated smoothly into the anime avatar. There are also various eye color options. Fro individuals sensitive to their eyeliners, the website provides them with a number to add to their avatar. There are 20 preset colors for both the eyes and the eyeliners. If one wants glasses or a given shape of the eyebrows, there are a variety available to them. Furthermore, he or she can change the colors of both the glasses and the eyebrows.

For male characters, Avatar Maker has a load of beard and mustache variety. Both genders, however, get to enjoy loads of hairstyles. The hairstyles are customized for each gender to match real-life styles. On top of these, users also get to pick the kinds of clothes the avatar get to put on. This option gives users the ability to come up with formal or casual looking avatars. The colors of the outfits can also be customized. Lastly, one gets to pick the avatar’s background. Like with other steps, the client get to enjoy many background styles and colors.

Since Avatar Maker does not store user’s avatar images fro more than a day, it is important to save or download the avatar image for future use. The cartoon character creator provides users with various file type option to choose in the process of doing so. You also get to enjoy inbuilt Gravatar functionality if you click on the Gravatar button.

Like taking selfies, you can create as many cartoon avatars you want. The more avatars you make, the better you become in creating avatars. This means you will also end with more interesting anime characters. The process is enjoyable, and one can create avatars for fun or as a challenge with friends. Moreover, Avatar Makers helps one to reinvent oneself.

Benefits of Cartoon Avatars

Cartoon avatars have lots of benefits for internet users. First, it provides one with an interesting and unique avatar. This earns the users lots of compliments. Secondly, one gets to enjoy being a member of any social media he or she likes without revealing his or her real identity. Sharing one’s photos online can be risky as one does not have control over the image as soon as it is posted. Cartoon avatars solve this problem. Cartoon avatars also come in handy when one does not have good pictures to use as avatars. This benefit is especially useful to individuals who are not photogenic. Moreover, these avatars protect one from prejudice and insults that come with posting one using his or her photo as an avatar.

Why Use Avatar Maker

Unlike other websites, Avatar Maker provides its users with almost unlimited creative avatar option. Users are limited only by their creativity, not the site’s inadequacy. The website is also responsive and reacts quickly to commands. The cartoon character creator does not also share users’ information with third parties. Users are do not need to load their images to create an avatar. Besides, the cartoon character created can be saved in many file types, and there is no limit to the number of characters an individual can create.