Why You Need to Use a YouTube Thumbnail Download Service

With well over a billion users and 3.25 billion total number of video hours watched every month, YouTube is by far the biggest video sharing platform on the planet. If you are keen on generated brand awareness through video or simply want to make money online through video views, then you definitely need to upload them on YouTube. With a third of the world watching content on the planet almost daily, you are all but guaranteed an audience.

Why video thumbnails are important

But just because there are billions of hours viewed every month doesn’t mean that your particular video will get at least a million views as soon as you post it up online. The internet surfing community has an exceptionally short attention span and if you cannot capture their interest from the very start, they will move right on to the next person who can. This is why you need to use thumbnails and find the best youtube thumbnail download service to help.

What are thumbnails?

Have you ever seen those images that you click on to watch a video? Those are thumbnails. Chances are that you have only ever watched a video because you thought that image looked ‘interesting’ and you wanted to see what the video was all about and if it could live up to the image. Here is the example of one below:


This is how important thumbnails are to the number of views your videos get. You simply must have a thumbnail that:

– Grabs attentions

– Tells just a bit of the story to create curiosity

– Has high-quality resolution

– Is customized to your videos

As you can see, this is not just something you can ignore. Without the right kind of thumbnail, your video might get lost in obscurity and what good will that do for you and your business?

What are your options when it comes to finding the right thumbnails?

The platform automatically gives you three options when you do not set your own thumbnails. Now, sometimes, the images they grab from your video might just be exactly what you need. But in many cases, these images are either blurry or not as flattering to the video as you would like them to be. This means that the image selected might not do an excellent job of enticing viewers to click on your videos and you may not get the kind of views you want.

Why you need to use a YouTube thumbnail download service

If, on the other hand, you are serious about using your YouTube channel to create proper brand awareness, get millions of views and make money online, then you need to strongly consider using a professional youtube thumbnail download service. The best service is not only easy to use but gives you highly effective thumbnails that have the following qualities:

– That follow YouTube’s guidance when it comes to size and formatting (1280 x 720 resolution, minimum 640pixels, under 2MB and .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, or .PNG)
– One that reinforces the content of your video as well as the title
– Thumbnails that look great no matter the size (large or small)
– Thumbnails that incorporate bright images
– Thumbnails that have excellent branding elements

Your YouTube video thumbnail is the exact equivalent of your video’s book cover. Even though we are advised not to judge books by their covers, you can be sure that your YouTube video thumbnail is going to affect just how much traffic that video gets. We are a highly visual species and the more attractive and captivating your video thumbnail is, the more we will be interested in watching the video, even if it is just out of curiosity.

These are just some of the main reasons why you should strongly consider using a YouTube thumbnail download service for your videos. An excellent image will not only make your channel look professional but it will also attract more views to your videos. Which in turn could lead to better brand awareness for you and even more money.